Flippin Elementary School

Group: modus studio
Client: Flippin Public School District
Duration: 2013 – 2017
Location: Flippin, AR
Role: Designer (2013 – 2015)

Flippin Public School’s existing elementary buildings have reached the end of their usable life. High repair and utility costs, a disconnected layout, and the lack of a secure perimeter have resulted in a campus that is no longer efficient to operate.

Consolidating the program of these buildings into a new structure provides multiple levels of security for the school. Connecting the new building to the existing middle school allows for efficient use of overlapping program and helps establish clear circulation patterns across the campus.

The new building utilizes an efficient, pre-manufactured metal structure and a regular layout of classrooms. Selectively elevating the roof above the hallway exposes a strip of glazing and highlights the main entrance.

A welcoming, administrative “front door” orients guests and ensures that all visitors have to check in at the office before entering campus. The layout of the building encircles the campus’ existing green space, forming a protected courtyard. Additionally, the centrally-located PE facility serves as a FEMA-rated safe room in the event of a natural disaster.

All photographs © Timothy Hursley. All other images © modus studio.

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