Toward Computational Play

Last fall, I presented a summary of my thesis work at the ACADIA 2017: Disciplines and Disruptions conference held at MIT. It was an exciting entry into the publishing/conference world, and the condensed format of the paper supplies me with a nice, concise version of my thesis. I’ve converted it into a blog post, sansContinue reading “Toward Computational Play”

Early Leaps

Back in July, after almost a year of delays, I finally received my much-anticipated Leap Motion Controller. My immediate reaction to it was pretty satisfying – having dealt only with (relatively cheap) webcams up until that point, the precision of the Leap was incredible. I played around with the interactive training video, downloaded a few appsContinue reading “Early Leaps”

modus studio

Despite my best intentions, my adherence to any kind of blogging “schedule” has quite handily gone out the window. What can I say – it’s been a busy few weeks, and I’m happy to say that it has been busy in all of the best ways. As mentioned earlier, I finished up my degree atContinue reading “modus studio”

Digital Play

Well, looks like graduation has come up out of nowhere, just as everyone promised it would. In just a few days, I will no longer be a student, having completed my undergraduate degree in architecture at Mississippi State University. What happens next is the topic for another post – right now, I’d like to talkContinue reading “Digital Play”

Gestural object selection in Rhino

Now using two webcams (the other is above, out of view) to get 3D info out of my gestures. Grasshopper detects which object in the Rhino scene I am closest to, and then by pausing on that object, it is automatically selected in Rhino itself (moving out of camera view deselects everything). The goal ofContinue reading “Gestural object selection in Rhino”